Kieran & Kate! What can I say, images speak louder then words but I’ll try my best. I first met Kate at my studio a year prior to her wedding day and I knew straight away I wanted to work with her. She had a very easy going, down to earth nature about her that completely reflected on their wedding day. They opted to get married on “a date that was easy to remember,” 15/11/15 which happened to be a Sunday. We did the photos prior to the ceremony as they wanted as much time with their guests as possible, and there was no formal sit down dinner, just plenty of time for catching up, eating, drinking and of course dancing! This was them to a T. So relaxed and happy to be in the company of their loved ones.

Kate’s parents put a lot of time and effort into their beautiful garden in preparation for the big day, but as Kieran’s Dad said in his moving speech, maybe Kieran’s Mum combined with Mother Nature to come up with another plan?! It rained the whole day so Huirangi Hall was plan B. Huirangi Hall means a whole heap to Kieran’s family so it was really fitting that the ceremony ended up there. Everyone did great to get it looking so incredible! Even though there was rain, it didn’t rain on our parade. We were out and about, walking through long grass, tunnels, sheds, drenched gardens and it was beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, thanks so much for having me along, it was a blast. Enjoy a little snippet of your day! x










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