I'm a Photographer

Since 2019

Since forever

My photography journey started at a young age creating pinhole cameras and experimenting with traditional methods in the high school darkroom.

Since then, I've studied at University, travelled Europe, and worked as a photographer for Net-A-Porter, a renowned luxury online fashion company based in London.

After gaining invaluable experience, my heart led me back to my roots in New Plymouth. Driven by my passion, I eagerly embarked on the journey of establishing my own business. Now, with 9 years behind me, I'm incredibly grateful to all the families who have trusted me to capture their special memories.

our wedding day

I'm so proud to call Matt my Husband! He is my absolute rock, the most supportive and thoughtful man and the best Daddy to our babies.

Our wedding day was one of the most cherished moments in my life, and I strive to cultivate a marriage that mirrors the beauty and joy we experienced on that special day. Alongside the realities of everyday life, including the sleepless nights and piles of laundry that come with parenting, of course!

To view our beautiful wedding photos click HERE!

I’m a mAMA

Since 2020

I almost melted into a puddle the moment Quinn outstretched her tiny arms towards me, and said "mama!" Goodness, nothing compares than hearing those sweet words for the first time.

I love to photograph Mums with their babies, as we so often are the ones behind the camera. My mission is to change that.

Motherhood can be busy, messy, loud and chaotic but it also holds so much love and beauty. So put on the dress, laugh at your kids, make lasting memories, and celebrate the incredible journey you're on. We know all too well how fast time goes, so reach out to schedule your session today.

My kids helped me see the world from a new & exciting perspective.

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