With the Christmas Mini Sessions only 2 weeks away, I thought I would put together a little “what to wear” blog post to give you some inspiration and ideas.

Now, I don’t want you to feel like you need to splurge and shop for a whole new outfit, however I have linked some images below that may point you in the right direction if you are feeling stuck! Or hey, maybe you think it will be the perfect Christmas outfit for you or your little one that you would wear again? If so, then go for it!

But, before you go out and start shopping, have a look through your wardrobe and your child’s wardrobe first. You may already have items similar in style to these. They are your photos so you can decide to go as Christmasy or as timeless as you like!

I hope this gets you thinking anyway and if you have any questions or comments leave a message below! x

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