Nine Months of Quinn Evelyn

9 months means you are only 3 months away from your big first birthday! How is that even possible?!! Much like previous months it has gone by in a flash.

Quinn and I started swimming classes this month at the New Plymouth School of Swimming. A lot of my friends had recommended it and I could see why after the first lesson. I could not wipe the smile from my face. It was so much fun and a really lovely bonding exercise to do together. Not being a strong swimmer myself I can see how beneficial it will be for Quinn and her confidence in the water, especially heading into the summer months, as no doubt we will have many adventures to the beach.

With Quinn on the move and wanting to explore and discover new things, I felt I needed some extra toys for her. We decided to sign up to Toy Library as it prevents us buying toys that she will soon outgrow. I love that the toys are age appropriate, so once Quinn has had enough with a certain toy we can return it for another. Plus, I love how environmentally friendly it is. The world already has so much plastic in it, I do not see the value in buying more. With her pulling herself up and walking around the furniture the trolley and standing ball table toy have been fab to keep her entertained.

Over Labour Weekend we joined our friends for a little staycay in the cutest quirkiest bach out at the beach campsite in Urenui. It was Quinn’s first time in a port-a-cot, which kind of seems crazy at 8 months, but with COVID-19 and both our families living in New Plymouth we really have had nowhere to go! For just 30 minutes from home we seemed to pack up the whole house into the car, it was choker! It was a good little tester as we have a few other trips coming up including a week over in the Coromandel late January. Despite the unpredictable spring weather it was a nice little escape. Mostly, it forced me to be away from my computer and to just relax while Quinn napped as usually I’m straight to my desk to  edit. Having a long lunch and lie down while Quinn slept was just what I needed!

Quinn now has 3 teeth! Her top tooth popped through and it looks as if the other 3 will follow closely. It seems quite common that the top 4 teeth all come through at a similar time. She continues to love her food and is now demolishing 3 meals a day. I am finding it hard to keep up some days, it is constantly on my mind as to what she’s going to eat today/this week. We usually feed her with the spoon but now I do one meal where she can self-feed. Although its super messy I know it is the first step to help encourage her to eat on her own.

This month she definitely understands object permanence.  She will look behind all the pillows on the couch and throw them to the floor as she knows that is where we hide the TV remotes. This also explains why she gets a little bit of separation anxiety when I leave the room or leave the house for a shoot. My Mum said she will crawl into every room of the house to see where I am… Melts my heart.

Quinn’s hair is growing so fast now and she is starting to get the cutest little curls at the back. I love watching her when I play music as her face lights up and she gives me the biggest smile. She likes to dance by doing this funny little bum shake, gosh she cracks me up! Her favourite song is “if you’re happy and you know it” which she is beginning to clap her hands to. She loves to make fart noises (raspberries) on our skin and her favourite game, that I swear we play about 10 times a day, is “peek a boo.” We love crawling around after her and smothering her with kisses when shes nudie rudie right before bath time. She babbles about most of the day, “ba ba ba” and “mum mum mum” tends to be what she says on repeat.

There is never a dull day with you Quinn Evelyn, thank you for bringing us so much joy!