Seven Months of Quinn Evelyn

Unfortunately, it is back! After 102 days of no community transmission, COVID-19 has reared its ugly head once again. On Tuesday August 11th, Jacinda Ardern confirmed that four new cases tested positive for Coronavirus, none of whom had travelled recently or had contact with a known case. Auckland were to move into Alert Level 3, and the rest of New Zealand into Alert Level 2. Life finally began to feel ‘normal’ again, so this second wave of the virus outbreak had us feeling deflated. We are very lucky we have our baby girl Quinn who brings us so much joy.

If I could summarise Quinn’s 7th month in two words, it would be, movement and mess.

We celebrated Quinn’s 6th month birthday by trying solids for the first time. To be honest, not much of it went in her mouth, but she had fun grabbing the spoon (miss independent) and squashing the purée between her fingers and into her clothes. I soon realised I wasn’t quite prepared for how messy it would be and ordered several feeding bibs pronto! At first, settling into the world of solids felt a little overwhelming and intimidating, however, a few friends recommended to read the Dr Julie Bhosale’s books which have been a very helpful guide on the type and quantity of food she should be eating. Quinn was a little unsure at the start and her gagging seriously freaked me out, but we are now well into the swing of things. Her favourite foods so far have been pumpkin, spinach and steak. Life feels a little busier with the introduction of food, so I have been dedicating a day to prep her meals to have it on hand and I can easily grab it out of the freezer when needed. It has been fun, messy, and exhausting but I am proud of how she is going with all these new tastes and textures – it must be quite the change from milk.

About a week after turning 6 months little miss Q figured out how to crawl. She was slow and steady at first but now she is very fast, especially when she gets her eye on something she really wants. She is now at a stage where she’s not so interested in her toys but more interested in exploring different parts of the house by following me into every room. It is crazy how she seems to find the most unhygienic objects along the way and chew on them; TV remotes, every part of the vacuum, blinds, cords, and shoelaces to name a few. She is crawling so much now that her pants are getting worn out in the knees and I have never been more on the ground myself. It is quite a different perspective from down there and I am now hyper aware of choking hazards, the vast quantity of my hair all over the carpet and how dirty our skirting boards are. I can also tell that she is learning about spacial awareness because she likes to crawl into the smallest of spaces; under the coffee table, beneath the dining table, and in the clothes horse, until she cries out for help once she gets stuck or dings her poor little head.

We haven’t started baby proofing around the house yet so in the next few weeks we will need to as Quinn is now pulling herself up onto her knees. It is super cute when we walk into her room after one of her naps and she greets us with her big gummy smile whilst hanging onto the cot railing. In saying that, she has had a few tumbles backwards as she is still wobbly on her knees, but she seems to have absolutely no fear. As well as kneeling, she is a little yoga baby. She loves to sleep in childs pose and practises downward dog whilst reading her books.       

Quinn has found her voice and loves screeching and babbling away. In my Plunket book it states I was saying “dada” at 7 months, so I wonder if Quinn will be the same next month? It is surreal to think that actual words will come out of her mouth soon. Speaking of her mouth, still no signs of teeth yet. She loves to put everything and anything into her mouth and bite down on her gums, but really, apart from the odd rosy cheek, there haven’t been too many other signs that we have noticed.

The biggest highlight this month has been that my sister Sophie and her partner decided to make the move back home from Melbourne. Like many people living in Victoria it has been a challenging year and with the second lockdown and uncertainty about when borders would open again they decided enough was enough and made the decision to return to New Zealand. Sophie finishes her 2 weeks quarantine in Auckland, and flies back to New Plymouth, bang on Quinn’s 7th month birthday. I am so excited for her to finally meet Quinn and for Quinn to meet her Aunty Soph Soph.

The lowest point of this month was the passing of our beautiful Grandma. We have always been very close, and I feel very lucky that Quinn and I were able to be by her side in her final days. It has been heart breaking seeing my Grandad so upset and of course, my Mum, who is always so strong. Julia, one of my twin sisters, has been so supportive and a massive help to my Mum prior to, and since Grandmas passing. Sophie and my other twin sister, Lydia, fly home on the same flight from Auckland, so it will be nice for us four sisters to finally be together during this emotional time. Quinn of course is a good distraction because when times get tough Quinn does something to make us laugh.       

Family is so important to us and Quinn loves all the attention from those who love her. Seven months has gone by in a flash. I’m desperately trying to savour each moment, but who knew there would be so many special moments in such a short space of time.

You are the best, Quinn. Love you!