Ten Months of Quinn Evelyn

When I finally had a chance to look through the photos and videos of Quinn from the start of the month it quite clearly showed how much she had grown and changed in just 30 or so days. It really feels like Quinn is a whole different little human, especially now with her 6 teeth! Our gummy little babe is no longer.

The first few weeks of this month felt like a blur in our sleep deprived state. Quinn’s top teeth decided to cut through all at the same time. Poor Quinn, it was hard to see her so upset. Thank goodness we had Pamol and Teething Tamer on hand to get her (and us) through. Now I fully understand why people say teething is the worst… thankfully this didn’t last forever, as once the teeth cut through, she graced us by sleeping through the night which was very much needed!

Apart from the odd day, the weather has been so nice and sunny recently which meant lots of outdoor play. Whenever Quinn spots or hears our sliding door open, she makes her escape to outside. She loves to play with (and eat) the leaves, crawl around on our deck and grass and loves to watch Dad mow the lawns. We brought ourselves some outdoor furniture, so it has been nice bathing Quinn outside in the evening sun while we watch on with a drink in hand. It has got us excited for the upcoming Summer months.

I am so pleased we signed up to The Toy Library, it definitely has been such a great investment. Quinn’s latest toy crush is “Bingo”, as we call him. A sing-along, ride-along, interactive dog. He has been an absolute hit this month. This cute little dog character keeps Quinn entertained with his educational singing that Quinn responds to by shaking her head in enjoyment. Matt loves to sit Quinn on Bingo’s back and hoon around the house. It will be a sad day when we need to return him. She also loves her wooden trolley and blocks from the Toy Library. Her balance and walking have become so much stronger from pushing it around the house. We soon realised that she cannot handle order because as soon as we stack the blocks, she loves to push them over.

I had my first Wedding of the season this month at Pihama Lavender Farm. It is always a pleasure to photograph around the coast as I hold so many fond memories from my childhood in Opunake. Growing up, we spent a lot of time at our Bach in Opunake, swimming at the beach, adventuring over the rocks, and exploring the lake and walkways. I wanted Quinn to discover some of this town’s magic, so we decided to make a weekend out of it by booking a cute little place for a few nights. Also, it was reassuring for me to have Quinn close by just in case things went pear shaped. This was the longest time we had been apart so naturally I was a little anxious. Quinn doesn’t take a bottle so I made sure I fed her right before I left and then during dinner Matt was able to come by with Quinn so I could feed her before she went down for the night. It actually worked out really well. Matt was able to spend some good quality time with her by taking her to the golf course and they also visited his grandparents who are buried at the Opunake cemetery. I would absolutely love to do more little weekend getaways like this in the future. It is so special making these family memories.

Physically, Quinn has been developing so much. There was a moment right before bath time that Quinn took her first ever step. Matt and I looked at each other in shock like “did you just see that!” It was so cool we were both together to witness it. I am guessing it won’t be long until she’s walking firmly. Quinn also loves to wave, give high fives, and clap her hands especially when we sing “if you’re happy and you know it” to her.

Quinn, you are our little ray of sunshine and we couldn’t imagine life without you.