Hi, my name is Aimee.

Lover of people, places and printed products.

I’m a kid of ’88. I grew up going to sleep the same time as the ‘good night kiwi.’ I was obsessed with the Spice Girls and Michael Jackson and perhaps I still am? I have three sisters who I’m lucky enough to call my best friends, and best friends who I call sisters. Family is forever and always. Much like my love of food. Avocado and hummus is a match made in heaven and will always be on my grocery list. I bake, make, and create. Fashion thrills me with its infiniteness. You can find me rummaging through Opshops or immersed within the glamorous world of Jimmy Choo’s. I travelled the world with my partner, Matt, and spent an amazing 2 years working in London. The coolest city I have ever lived in. I worked as a full time photographer for a luxury online fashion company, Net-A-Porter, where I met some of the most creatively talented people I know. Yoga soothes my mind and a cup of tea warms my heart. (Especially when dunking a biscuit, or three, into it.)

Love is, the essence of existence and I use photography as my tool to creatively capture it. Let me capture you.

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